Moving forward we have decided to provide our community ANW Foundation's Roadmap so that you could see the information around our plan. Currently, the Roadmap has all of the milestones that has been presented so far. The Roadmap is our way of being transparent and communicating with stakeholders and ANW believers these unpredictable times.

This plan will ultimately drive what ANW Foundation will look like by winter 2021. Please know that ANW team is working hard within our authority to prepare for a safe and on schedule return.

2021 Q1

-Start integration of AI-based Asset Management service with partners

-Expansion of AI-focused portfolio and ANW Ecosystem

-Begin Blockchain Staking Service with Premier Cryptocurrency Exchange

-Release ANW Smart Wallet

2021 Q2

-Coin swap with a major blockchain foundation

-Launch AI engine based Asset Management Services

-2nd Governance voting

2021 Q3

-Complete development of AI engine for Social Data-based market impact analysis

-Accelerate the growth of ANW Ecosystem

-3rd Governance voting

2021 Q4

Launch Social Data market impact AI service

Acquisition of A.I Asset Management Firm

4th Governance voting

ANW team will diligently achieve milestones and make relevant announcements based on the above roadmap.

Please click the link below to observe the latest information.

This is the official Medium page for Anchor Neural World Foundation.

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