Project Updates — June 2021

Dear Community!

As previously announced in the ANW roadmap, it was planned that ANW would engage in a token swap with another major foundation in Q2 2021. Talks and progress for this planned swap are still underway, however, due to the recent strong market volatility and unexpected market correction, both parties have mutually decided to postpone the swap until a future date when a stable agreed swap schedule can be reached. Once the dates for this swap schedule have been firmly set, ANW will make an announcement with further details!

In other news, despite the recently increased threat of tapering measures attributed to inflationary signals in the traditional financial markets as well as the recent crypto-currency market turmoil, ANW’s AI-based services, and products continue to give a strong performance.

Our partner Crom Innovation has reported a steady increase in profitability under the guidance of the ANW AI engine along with increased usage and user adoption.

In addition to this, we are happy to announce that our new partner Casson Investments has successfully integrated the ANW AI engine into one of its ongoing quantitative trading projects.

Casson Investments is a Hong Kong-based investment firm that invests in (and manages) projects in the financial services industry. One of their more recent actions was an investment into a quant trading platform. Since then ANW has been working with Casson in the last months to integrate its AI engine to help provide quality statistical models, regression analysis, and other big data and machine learning tools to the quant team to help improve the quantitative trading performance and strategy results. Initial integration outcomes have been very positive.

Both the Crom Innovation and Casson Investments cases have shown that the ANW AI engine can continue to gain traction in the financial services industry and serve as a foundational technology that can generate steady profits for our customers and partners. Because of this ANW will continue to prioritize partnership and project integration efforts where value synergies can be maximized.

Lastly, beyond our partnered works, progress within ANW’s own financial service initiatives is coming along. We are happy to notify our community that ANW has finished finalizing a development plan and has begun technical development of the DeFi products and services we had previously announced. This development is in preparation for the upcoming proposal and its primary focus is to show proof of concept, technical and business viability, and to provide a strong technical framework for the project’s future success.

-ANW Team

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