Governance and policy-making

The core technology of blockchain, has recently emerged as a disruptive innovation with a wide range of applications, potentially able to redesign our interactions in different areas.

We think that in all blockchain protocols, proper governance and policy-making are vital for the platform to mature and grow in a direction that is beneficial through consensus of the network stakeholders. Also, proper governance is needed primarily to decide on subjective matters that cannot be done through on-chain and programmatic protocols. The ANW Foundation recognizes this need and therefore aims to create a governable AI-based blockchain technology. The ANW token in the ANW governance will be utilized for three primary purposes

✅ policy-making

✅ voting on various issues that include issuance of new tokens, acceleration ecosystem activities

✅ off-chain subjective issue resolution

The ANW project aims to create a perfect ecosystem that can provide utility to all markets via AI engines. As the ecosystem of participants and investors advances, the financing capability of the network will increase, while the capital cost of the project is gradually raised. Beyond learning management and asset management, the ANW project will expand such as games and other high-tech industries, thereby achieving better results in terms of cost and efficiency.

ANW tokens play a critical and significant role as the governance token for the ANW ecosystem. Governance means the process of reaching consensus on issues and policy-making that cannot be decided by common software algorithms. Such policies include token issuance, constitution and policy, ecosystem funding, subjective matters, and et al.

For example, when additional issuance of ANW tokens is proposed for a specific purpose, token holders will go through the process of directly voting on each proposal though the use of an off-chain process of proposal curation and crypto-voting and then later submission of votes through an on-chain smart contract. Anyone can submit a proposal for review, and once accept its details are enshrined into a transaction within a smart contract on-chain.

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