Getting ready for Beta Test

While Anchor Neural World managers and marketers are working to provide liquidity to ANW token once it enters the exchange and enter the partnership agreements to guarantee the resources which are necessary for the safe and rapid development, the Technical experts are developing the wallet.

The development of ANW wallet with all calculations wich are going to be made on the platform is reaching the finish line. The development team finishes preparing the wallet for the beta test.

Based on the results of this test, the ANW team will be able to prepare the platform’s wallet and blockchain network for the influx of users after the platform’s official release and token listing.

At the moment our wallet aims to simplify the operations in the governance, aset managment and the ecosystem in general.

Follow the news on the Anchor Neural World website and other social media as Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and do not miss the start of the beta ANW wallet and the opportunity to join it! Later on we will provide our community with the ANW wallet Overview.

Of course, preparing for the beta wallet does not mean stopping development in other directions. The process of perfecting artificial intelligence for business, which can be integrated into the work of a company in any industry, never stops. Follow the updates — we will keep you informed of development progress!

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