Blockchain applications are currently very complex. To help users better understand the ANW blockchain service ecosystem, the ANW Foundation would like to simplify it description to better understand it, by breaking its down into short descriptions of the different technology layers making up a blockchain application and how those layers operate within the ANW ecosystem.

These layers include:

- The base protocol layer. This layer is where all the node participants join communicate with each other and, in consensus, secure and store information on the blockchain, For ANW this will be specific market data and large data sets, as well as analytics data.

- The application layer. This layer is where the logic of any application logic is usually in the form of smart contracts. For ANW, a suite of smart contract and application logic will be used in conjunction with one another to link the ANW engine and its ecosystem to the protocol layer and the data contained there.

- The account management layer. This is usually a crypto wallet layer. For ANW it is a wallet to securely manage, hold, and control a user’s digital assets, creating a key linkage between the ANW platform and the application layer.

- The platform layer. This layer is a web and mobile based DApp layer controlling the user interface and access to services and products. For ANW this layer is where the first services (Asset Management and Learning Management) will be built providing decentralized access and interfaces on top of the ANW engine.

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