ANW Algorithm Trading Engine, used in Bithumb Exchange Autotrading Service

As previously posted (ANW Algorithm Trading Engine Goes Live,, the new ANW Algorithm Trading Engine is ready to be implemented in a live environment.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the engine is already live!

Crom Innovation, a cryptocurrency trading bot solution provider, has announced the launch of Autotrading service on Bithumb Exchange Platform by integrating ANW Algorithm Trading Engine. Based on a highly sophisticated financial and mathematical algorithm, the Autotrading service provides and supports cryptocurrency trading strategies and automatic execution of orders with an initial configuration by the user. It also includes safety precautions that stop the automatic order executions when P&L (Profit & Loss) reaches a pre-configured amount.

This new auto-trading feature can be applied and used for any cryptocurrency listed on the Bithumb Exchange KRW Market through a simple user interface without having to install an application or configure any API.

“We are really excited to work together with Crom Innovation to implement the ANW Trading Engine into their service.” said, Terry Wilkinson, CEO of ANW Foundation. “This is just the beginning for us. We are looking forward to integrating our A.I. technology into other great services and products through further partnerships in the near future.”

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