ANW Algorithm Trading Engine Goes Live

After a long period of development effort by the ANW Foundation, it’s new ANW Algorithm Trading Engine is ready to be implemented in a live environment.

Cryptocurrencies are known for volatility and high price fluctuations, having an accurate input on when to take a buy or sell position can make a huge difference in profit-generation. Through the development and optimization of our core A.I. and a machine learning engine, the ANW team has built an algorithmic trading engine as a key component for the ANW asset management platform to be implemented in the live market. In simple terms, the ANW platform (and accompanying A.I. engine) can be seen as an automated system of market order execution that relies on pre-programmed trading commands and specifications which are aided by deep data analysis and A.I. decision making. This means that algorithmic trading can make thousands of trades each second without human oversight to accomplish trading strategy goals.

There are 3 patent-pending technologies supporting the ANW Algorithm Trading Engine;

  • Artificial Neural Network Stock Trading Device and Method Using Financial Terminology Analysis — used to analyze data scraped from the web, articles, and other trading data sources for sentiment analysis and early price movement correlation
  • Artificial Neural Network Stock Trading Device and Method Using Chart Similarity Analysis — used to find correlated price links between asset chart dynamics
  • Artificial Neural Network Stock Trading Device and Method Using Reinforcement Learning — used to set trade strategy goals for cumulative and period trade strategies

With these new novel technologies, ANW’s Trade Engine and automated trading services can entirely overcome trade inefficiencies created due to information asymmetry and behavioral finance psychological biases. Along with these, the team is also utilizing decentralized blockchain technology to secure relevant input and output data in a distributed ledger for ironclad data assurances.

By providing an “application program interface” (API) with access to the ANW engine, third-party companies and individuals can access this powerful system allowing expansion across industries and viable applications. Our goal is to expose the ANW A.I. engine and data inference engine as a service, something we are calling AI as a Service (AIaaS), thereby setting it as a backbone service for a robust and open global ecosystem.

“By communicating directly with crypto exchanges and placing orders automatically based on preset conditions, the ANW Algorithm Trading Engine offers exceptional speed and efficiency, fewer errors, and unbiased trading.”, said Terry Wilkinson, CEO of ANW Foundation.

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