Anchor Neural World’s First Governance Voting Result

Anchor Neural World’s first Governance Voting took place on January 4th 2021.

Please refer to the below information for the result of the voting.

Governance Voting Result

1. Subject

Quarterly governance voting result (

2. Effective Date


3. Details

Description: A proposal for ANW Foundation to allocate a fixed portion of the ANW Economic Fund to initiate the first version of its staking services.

Voting Result: Funds Usage. Allocation of 1M ANW for distribution and staking rewards as part of an ongoing staking service initiative.

  • Off-chain voting ran from 9AM 01/04/2021 UTC — 9AM 01/05/2021 UTC
  • On-chain recording ran from 5:33PM 01/05/2021 UTC — 11PM 1/5/2021 UTC
  • The vote quorum was set at 0
  • The threshold was set to 60%
  • 3 total voting accounts, with a total of 4.15Million ANW tokens
  • All votes agreed with the proposal

The vote passed and finalized with 100% acceptance at 01/05/2021 11:01PM UTC

Thank you for all your participation.

-ANW Team

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