We are sure that in today’s hybrid, multicloud world, it’s crucial for organizations to update and to modernize their information architecture to succeed with AI.

However nowadays AI based products fail to reach an adequate level of sophistication expected from true AI because of these poor data issues.

The ANW engine will enable AI-based learning management via natural language processing. It will make it possible to provide asset management services that entirely overcome psychological bias created due to information asymmetry and behavioral finance. The ANW Foundation is aspiring to use its ANW engine to expand into future hightech industries to generate significant social benefits. To reach this end, we are utilizing decentralized blockchain technology to secure relevant input and output data in a distributed ledger. Also, by providing an “application program interface (API)” for the ANW engine to third-party companies which can be utilized by ANW token holders, expansion across industries and viable applications for the ANW engine will be possible; exposing the ANW engine as data inference and AI as a Service (AIaaS) in a robust and open global ecosystem.

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