Technology and concepts of artificial intelligence are the most dynamic and changing today. However, given the “youth” of the industry, it is only natural for trends to change every year. First of all, there are two new priority areas for AI: retail and health. The usage of artificial intelligence in retail is actually a logical development of integration of AI into the business processes in logistics companies.

Now tretailers are interested in AI. In health care, AI aims to improve the efficiency of resource usage, which today, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, leaves much to be desired. More global trend is the new data environment for AI training. First, the privacy laws of many countries have begun to apply actively Big Data, which complicates and increases the cost of creating datasets. Second, a number of development companies began trying to save on Big Data and to develop methods and technologies to teach AI on smaller data sets. Additionally, there has been a shift from “highly specialized” AI engine that is confined to one specific task to the development of full-fledged ecosystems with a single engine of artificial intelligence capable of solving the most complex problems in a number of industries.

Anchor Neural World is the most prominent examples of this approach. A systematic approach to AI development will facilitate and accelerating its integration into the economy to remove many of the current limitations for effective usage of artificial intelligence.

This is the official Medium page for Anchor Neural World Foundation.

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