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As previously announced in the ANW roadmap, it was planned that ANW would engage in a token swap with another major foundation in Q2 2021. Talks and progress for this planned swap are still underway, however, due to the recent strong market volatility and unexpected market correction, both parties have mutually decided to postpone the swap until a future date when a stable agreed swap schedule can be reached. Once the dates for this swap schedule have been firmly set, ANW will make an announcement with further details!

In other news, despite the recently increased threat of tapering…

ANW is soon holding its second milestone governance vote. The referendum for this vote proposes the launch of ANW based DeFi services and ANW token integration with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

The project (to be headed by the ANW technical team) defines a three-part approach:

  1. ANW Based DeFi Services on BSC:
  • Decentralized exchange for various BEP20 tokens via liquidity pools and automated market-making.
  • LP token staking and token farming, allowing LP holders to earn even more rewards for participation

ANW DeFi liquidity pools will allow traders to enjoy guaranteed liquidity through automation and enable liquidity providers to earn profit…

As previously posted (ANW Algorithm Trading Engine Goes Live,, the new ANW Algorithm Trading Engine is ready to be implemented in a live environment.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the engine is already live!

Crom Innovation, a cryptocurrency trading bot solution provider, has announced the launch of Autotrading service on Bithumb Exchange Platform by integrating ANW Algorithm Trading Engine. Based on a highly sophisticated financial and mathematical algorithm, the Autotrading service provides and supports cryptocurrency trading strategies and automatic execution of orders with an initial configuration by the user. …

After a long period of development effort by the ANW Foundation, it’s new ANW Algorithm Trading Engine is ready to be implemented in a live environment.

Cryptocurrencies are known for volatility and high price fluctuations, having an accurate input on when to take a buy or sell position can make a huge difference in profit-generation. Through the development and optimization of our core A.I. and a machine learning engine, the ANW team has built an algorithmic trading engine as a key component for the ANW asset management platform to be implemented in the live market. In simple terms, the ANW…

From left, Joe Hwang, Director of Tezos North Asia Business Development, Terry Wilkinson Jr, CEO of Anchor Value, Inc., Hyungjoon Park, mayor candidate of Busan City, Dr. Saejung Park, Director of Busan Deus Valley.

Hong Kong-based AI and Blockchain technology Investment Company Anchor Value Inc., signed a 3 way MOU with Busan mayoral candidate Hyungjoon Park (PPP — People Power Party) and TZ APAC (Tezos Asia Pacific). Anchor Value is the mother company of Anchor Neural World Foundation that develops A.I engine used in Fintech and asset management services and builds blockchain ecosystem. TZ APAC is supported by the Swiss Tezos Foundation and currently, the Tezos protocol has been adopted by large corporations and government organizations around the world including the French Central Bank for its Digital Euro pilot project, among others.

The MOU…

Dear Community!!

The development of ANW wallet with all the new features has reached the finish line. The development team finished the development and now it is released for Open Testing within the ANW community.

Anyone who is interested in the open testing and would like to provide feedbacks, you can download it from the below link.

Google Early Access download link:

Bug Report to:

(Submitter of original bug will be awarded with 100 ANW)

The ANW Smart Wallet 1.0 has the following features.

  • Charge designated VISA card with cryptocurrency and use anytime, anywhere: Powered by Crypterium
  • Send…

The core technology of blockchain, has recently emerged as a disruptive innovation with a wide range of applications, potentially able to redesign our interactions in different areas.

We think that in all blockchain protocols, proper governance and policy-making are vital for the platform to mature and grow in a direction that is beneficial through consensus of the network stakeholders. Also, proper governance is needed primarily to decide on subjective matters that cannot be done through on-chain and programmatic protocols. The ANW Foundation recognizes this need and therefore aims to create a governable AI-based blockchain technology. …

We are sure that in today’s hybrid, multicloud world, it’s crucial for organizations to update and to modernize their information architecture to succeed with AI.

However nowadays AI based products fail to reach an adequate level of sophistication expected from true AI because of these poor data issues.

The ANW engine will enable AI-based learning management via natural language processing. It will make it possible to provide asset management services that entirely overcome psychological bias created due to information asymmetry and behavioral finance. The ANW Foundation is aspiring to use its ANW engine to expand into future hightech industries to…

We can all agree that AI has created a huge impact on the world’s economy and will continue to do so since we’re aiding its growth by producing an immeasurable amount of data. develop AI algorithms require not only a high-quality data flow, but also a large amount of processing power.

That’s why ANW turned its attention to blockchain. If a blockchain is capable of transmitting data over a network, why can’t it be used for other purposes?

ANW Foundation focused on the development of “ANW (Artificial Neural World)” engine — an advanced information retrieval inference engine for financial assets…

Blockchain applications are currently very complex. To help users better understand the ANW blockchain service ecosystem, the ANW Foundation would like to simplify it description to better understand it, by breaking its down into short descriptions of the different technology layers making up a blockchain application and how those layers operate within the ANW ecosystem.

These layers include:

- The base protocol layer. …

Anchor Neural World

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